This Just Posted: Learning Bible Translation Tools

Ukarumpa National Training Centre classroom

We just received this short update from Brian Chapaitis, a friend and co-worker here in Papua New Guinea (PNG) and wanted to pass it on to you.

“Over the years, by the financial gifts of many, we have built up a National Training Centre (NTC) with classroom sessions in a variety of disciplines.  Churches and NBTOs (National Bible Translation Organizations) in this country are now sending their best to come and learn.  Here James Post teaches future Bible Translators how to run the program called “Paratext” on their notebook computers.  James is the co-author of a beautiful set of handbooks that reinforce daily lesson plans with lots of exercises.  This makes new procedures “stick” in the minds of the PNG students.  These coworkers can then go out and proceed to work in their home communities.  The academic calendar is quite full, and it’s not uncommon to have three different courses held at the same time.  We also celebrate that this year, the NTC is financially “in the black” and we pray self-sustaining.”  — Brian Chapaitis

Please Pray:

-For the Arop-Lokep people, who just dedicated the New Testament in their language 2 weeks ago, to be transformed by the Word of God in their OWN language.
-For preparation for teaching a Paratext Course (like the one mentioned above) in mid-July.

-We came to PNG to help give people God’s Word in their own language and it was very encouraging to see the Arop-Lokep people so excited to receive it!!
-Our colds are gone!
-James’ WHOLE family is here in PNG!!

In Christ,

James and Christina

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