This Just Posted: Teaching a Paratext Course Next Week

Paratext 2 Class Photo

2013 Paratext 2 Class

Next week, James will be teaching another round of participants in a Paratext 2 Course (July 16-29).  Paratext is the Bible translation software that is used throughout the world. Many Papua New Guinean Bible Translators are excited to learn how to use it better so they can translate faster and more accurately.

The initial Paratext 2 Course was run last year (more photos below) and had lots of positive feedback including, “Before… I didn’t understand it.  But now, it is clear and I understand.”  It was encouraging to hear this, especially after James had invested so much time in making the Course Handbook easier to follow and understand.  He has continued to make adjustments to the Paratext Handbook in hopes that it will be even more clear and easier to understand this time around.

We are looking forward to meeting new participants as well as becoming re-acquainted with participants who graduated from last year’s Paratext 1 Course.  Last year we enjoyed having the course participants come over to our house for tea.  In the more casual setting of our home, they often take the opportunity to share their stories with us.  It is inspiring to hear about the journeys God has brought them on as they have given their lives to serving Him.

Please Pray
-For final preparations for the Course, including printing the Handbooks (about 150-200 pages each).
-For James as he teaches the Course.
-For continued adjustment back to “normal” life after a very fun visit from family.
-For James’ motorcycle to get fixed “hariap” (hurry-up: quickly).

-After an unexpected delay, we finally have our vehicle (today!)!!!
-For the amazing time we had with family visiting us here in Papua New Guinea.
-Christina’s ankle is doing MUCH better.  THANK YOU for praying.

Below are some more photos from last year’s Paratext 2 Course.

Ainde at His Computer

Papa Ainde Wainzo at his computer

Participants during practice time

Participants during practice time

"Tupela helpim" (two people helping each other)

“Tupela helpim” (two people helping each other)

"Tripela helpim" (three people helping each other)

“Tripela helpim” (three people helping each other)

Using the Handbook

Using the Handbook

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