This Just Posted: Bible Dedications

We are going to the Bible dedication for the Arop-Lokep people group on Saturday (TOMORROW!!), and it’s exciting!  Mikayla and Laurel keep asking when we’re going to “go on an airplane and see our Papua New Guinean friends.”  :-)

We wish you all could be here to feel the excitement and experience the joy of the Arop-Lokep people celebrating Scripture in their language!  It’s been a LONG process but was undoubtedly worth it!

Be sure to check out pictures from the Bariai Bible Dedication that James went to 2 years ago below.  They will give you a taste of what we’re looking forward to.

Please pray:
-For full recovery from the nasty colds we’ve had for over a week, especially for congestion to clear before the plane trip.
-That our family would do well in the tropical heat and in the village.
-For preparations and smooth travels for James’ family’s visit.  They arrive in Papua New Guinea next Thursday!

-We are recovering from the colds!
-James’ family is coming!!
-The Arop-Lokep people are excited to receive God’s Word in their OWN language!!

Now on to the pictures!

The Bariai Scriptures were brought in by boat:


With traditional style songs:




“Tok Ples” means “language”:


Then they were carried up to the church with ceremony:


Scripture in a place of honor

It was a LARGE gathering!

Big Procession

They celebrated with traditional clothes and decorations:


And got to read their own copy!


Sharing the Scriptures

Our favorite: excited to receive her own Scripture!


Do you have goosebumps yet?

One thought on “This Just Posted: Bible Dedications

  1. Quentin Robbins

    To all 5 Posts!…
    I rejoyce with you and THEM on delivery of the Bariai scriptures.  Especially liked the little house they were delivered in. 
    We take far too much for granted!
    I know I don’t respond often, but my thots and prayers DO remain with you!
    In Christs love, Quentin.


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