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Postings: Christmas in PNG

The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth. ~ John 1:14 (NIV)

We are looking forward to celebrating Christmas this year in Papua New Guinea (PNG), and the Mouwase people are excited about “seeing” Jesus in the Jesus Film (video below).

Jesse Tree and Christmas Carols

Christina co-hosted a Jesse Tree Ornament exchange with almost 20 ladies in Ukarumpa (our support center). Jesse Tree ornaments are an excellent reminder that the stories of the Old Testament all point to Jesus, from Creation, to Abraham, David, the many prophecies about the Messiah, and much more.

Jesse Tree Ornaments

Noah’s Ark with Rainbow, Scroll, Fiery Furnace, and Baby Jesus

We are also looking forward to the our annual “Christmas Carols and Cookies” event. It’s fun to gather with people from our community from all different cultures to sing favorite Christmas carols and enjoy Christmas treats together. This year we plan to have a candlelight portion too.

Mikayla at the 2016 Candlelight Service

Laurel at the 2016 Candlelight Service

Timothy at the 2016 Candlelight Service

Mouwase Jesus Film Dedication

The Mouwase language group is celebrating Christmas in a whole new way this year, they just dedicated the Jesus Film in Mouwase! The Jesus Film is based on the book of Luke, has been translated into almost 1700 languages throughout the world, and has been shown to over 8 billion people since 1979. As many people “see” Jesus, they realize that the stories about Jesus are true and their hearts are opened to His gift of eternal life.

I love the awe and wonder in the faces of the people watching the Jesus Film in this picture:

Poster of a Jesus Film showing in Africa

One Mouwase speaker said this about watching the Jesus Film in her own language:

“This film is about Christmas. Sometimes . . . we have Christmas at home and people try to read the story of Jesus [but] it’s been written in different languages so our people don’t really understand why we celebrate Christmas… But today, it’s written in our own language and… when this Christmas comes everyone will enjoy it because they will hear the voice spoken in their own language.”

Click below to watch a video about the Mouwase Jesus Film Dedication:

Mouwase Jesus Film Dedication (video link)

You can learn more about the Jesus Film here: www.jesusfilm.org/

Prayer and Praise

  • Praise: Mikayla has decided to follow Jesus!!
  • Prayer: For our children to grasp the true meaning of Christmas.
  • Prayer: For additional people with technical and linguistic skills to help with the work in James’ office.
  • Praise: We had a wonderful visit with James’ parents!

Visit with James’ Parents

Merry Christmas!!  May you have a deeper understanding of Christ’s love as you celebrate His birth!

In Him,

James and Christina

Postings: Training Translators

Paratext 1 Course

In August, James had the privilege of training 16 Papua New Guinean Bible translators from 9 different language groups.  The training was in Paratext, a computer program used for Bible translation.  We had an enjoyable time!  One of the most rewarding things was watching as these Bible translators typed their own translations using Paratext.

Paratext 1 Class (image courtesy of Z. Oraro)

Sudest Team

People came from all over Papua New Guinea (PNG), traveling by boat, plane, and/or PMV (Public Motor Vehicle).  The Sudest team in particular had to travel a LONG way to get here.

Sudest Team (image courtesy of Z. Oraro)

Sudest Island is about as remote as you can get. In order to get to the mainland of PNG, they had to travel 29 HOURS by boat (about 200 miles over the open ocean)! Then they took a plane to Ukarumpa (our support center).

Red marker is Sudest Island, blue marker is Ukarumpa (image courtesy of Google)

On top of that, they had never used computers before!  So their training started with a 2-week computer course teaching the basics of computing (typing, mouse skills, etc).  This helped prepare them for the skills they would learn in Paratext.  Despite these difficulties, it was exciting to see them learn and work as a team.

Keakalo Team

The Keakalo team was also a joy to work with.

Keakalo Team: Pepena, Koloma, and Oneau (image courtesy of Z. Oraro)

These men are leaders in their community, have good computer skills, and came to the Paratext Course so they could become trainers in their own language group (30,000 – 40,000 speakers).  They are passionate about seeing God’s Word in their own language and there are 30-35 Keakola people interested in being involved in Bible translation!

Zacc Oraro

James was excited to mentor Zacc Oraro, a member of the PNG Bible Translation Association, so that he can teach the Paratext 1 Course in the future.

Andrew (Kou translator), Zacc, and James (image courtesy of Z. Oraro)

Zacc is a dear friend who would like to join James in supporting Bible translation software.  This would be a tremendous encouragement for both of us!

Prayer and Praise

  • Prayer: For these Bible translators to use their new skills in their own Bible translations.
  • Praise: James’ parents are visiting us in PNG from Sept 18 – Oct 12!
  • Prayer: For Zacc to be able to join James in the office.
  • Prayer: For another co-worker (Kim) to return from Australia in good health.
  • Praise: Finishing the revision of the Paratext 1 Coursebook.

Through your prayers and support, God has made it possible for us to be involved in Bible translation in PNG.  Thank you!

James and Christina

Postings: Old Testament Translation

Greetings from “chilly” Papua New Guinea (PNG). It’s the middle of “winter” here and it’s definitely been colder than normal.

Old Testament Translation

Translating the New Testament into another language is an amazing accomplishment, one only possible through the prayers of countless people. It can take many years, even decades to finish. The rewards are eternal as people receive God’s Word in their own language and the dedication is filled with celebration and joy!

Menya man holding God’s Word in his language

Despite great celebration, there is still much work to be done. At a recent New Testament dedication, James heard one of the Papua New Guinean Bible translators asking whole-heartedly for help in translating the Old Testament too. Another translator once said, “You gave us half of the pig. We want the whole pig!” In other words, we want the whole Bible!

More and more Papua New Guinean translators are getting involved in translating the Old Testament into their own language. Last month, five language groups held their first Old Testament Cluster Project Workshop: working together to translate the books of the Old Testament into their own language. James provided important software support for these teams during their workshop.

Old Testament Cluster Project Teams (image courtesy of K. Sadeharju)

Translation Workshops

Translation workshops provide language teams with a combination of many things.

Learning and translating as a team:

Iyo team translating (image courtesy of K. Sadeharju)

Worship and sharing songs from their languages:

Iyo and Waskia teams singing (image courtesy of J. Pugh)

Translation and checking (hard work!):

Borong woman working on translation (image courtesy of J. Pugh)

Solving computer issues:

James working on a translator’s computer (image courtesy of J. Pugh)

Fun skits that teach a lesson:

James teaching how to share translation work (image courtesy of J. Pugh)

Thank you for partnering with us as we continue to support translation teams in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Prayer and Praise

  • Praise: We have settled well into our new house. It is a tremendous blessing for our family!
  • Prayer: James is revising a course book for a course that he is teaching in August.
  • Praise: The kids successfully finished another year of school and are enjoying school break.

Your prayers and support make it possible for us to serve in PNG. THANK YOU!

James and Christina

Postings: New House, Advanced Training, and Massive Earthquake

The last few months have been busy!  We have been packing, moving to our new house (which is actually just down the street from our old house), unpacking, and settling in, along with supporting Bible translators in their work.

New House!

God has blessed us tremendously with this new house!  We can feel the difference the extra space makes. It has been very helpful to have separate bedrooms for the boys and the girls, as well as an extra bathroom! Many thanks to all who helped make this move possible!

The kids love their new bedrooms and are feeling quite settled.

Girls in their loft beds (Julia is the bedroom underneath)

Girls in their loft beds (Julia is in the bedroom underneath)

Boys in their bed (they actually prefer sleeping in the same bed)

Boys in their bed (they actually prefer sleeping in the same bed)

Christina has been busy settling in at our new house (a bigger task than we first imagined, but overall it’s gone quite well).  We both have enjoyed the little projects around the house that are making it OUR home.

Advanced Translation Software Workshop

James has continued to support Bible translators as they use the software for Bible translation, linguistics, and literacy.  Recently, he helped run an Advanced Paratext Workshop (Bible translation software) that was very well attended.  Many people expressed how helpful it was and how helpful it would be in the future as they continued the work of Bible translation.  One person put it simply, “If you use Paratext, you should take this workshop!”

Advanced Paratext Workshop (image courtesy B. Gottschick)

Advanced Paratext Workshop (image courtesy B. Gottschick)

It is encouraging to know that these translators will use the knowledge they learned in their work with Papua New Guinean co-translators.

Massive Earthquake

We have written a separate update about the 7.5 magnitude earthquake that happened about 3 weeks ago in Papua New Guinea.  Though we are safe, it significantly impacted other areas of PNG.  You can read more (including pictures and how to donate) by going here: https://www.thepostsonmission.com/?p=2847.

Prayer and Praise

  • Earthquake: Pray for the recovery efforts and for the people in the villages.
  • James and Christina: We have been feeling weary.  Please pray for renewed strength.
  • Post Family: Praise for our new house! Please pray for our continued adjustment to a new place.
  • Our Old House: Pray it sells quickly to a family who will be as blessed as we have been by it.
  • Sickness: We’ve had a number of family members sick recently.  Please pray for quick and full recovery.