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Paratext 1 Course

In August, James had the privilege of training 16 Papua New Guinean Bible translators from 9 different language groups.  The training was in Paratext, a computer program used for Bible translation.  We had an enjoyable time!  One of the most rewarding things was watching as these Bible translators typed their own translations using Paratext.

Paratext 1 Class (image courtesy of Z. Oraro)

Sudest Team

People came from all over Papua New Guinea (PNG), traveling by boat, plane, and/or PMV (Public Motor Vehicle).  The Sudest team in particular had to travel a LONG way to get here.

Sudest Team (image courtesy of Z. Oraro)

Sudest Island is about as remote as you can get. In order to get to the mainland of PNG, they had to travel 29 HOURS by boat (about 200 miles over the open ocean)! Then they took a plane to Ukarumpa (our support center).

Red marker is Sudest Island, blue marker is Ukarumpa (image courtesy of Google)

On top of that, they had never used computers before!  So their training started with a 2-week computer course teaching the basics of computing (typing, mouse skills, etc).  This helped prepare them for the skills they would learn in Paratext.  Despite these difficulties, it was exciting to see them learn and work as a team.

Keakalo Team

The Keakalo team was also a joy to work with.

Keakalo Team: Pepena, Koloma, and Oneau (image courtesy of Z. Oraro)

These men are leaders in their community, have good computer skills, and came to the Paratext Course so they could become trainers in their own language group (30,000 – 40,000 speakers).  They are passionate about seeing God’s Word in their own language and there are 30-35 Keakola people interested in being involved in Bible translation!

Zacc Oraro

James was excited to mentor Zacc Oraro, a member of the PNG Bible Translation Association, so that he can teach the Paratext 1 Course in the future.

Andrew (Kou translator), Zacc, and James (image courtesy of Z. Oraro)

Zacc is a dear friend who would like to join James in supporting Bible translation software.  This would be a tremendous encouragement for both of us!

Prayer and Praise

  • Prayer: For these Bible translators to use their new skills in their own Bible translations.
  • Praise: James’ parents are visiting us in PNG from Sept 18 – Oct 12!
  • Prayer: For Zacc to be able to join James in the office.
  • Prayer: For another co-worker (Kim) to return from Australia in good health.
  • Praise: Finishing the revision of the Paratext 1 Coursebook.

Through your prayers and support, God has made it possible for us to be involved in Bible translation in PNG.  Thank you!

James and Christina

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