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Greetings from “chilly” Papua New Guinea (PNG). It’s the middle of “winter” here and it’s definitely been colder than normal.

Old Testament Translation

Translating the New Testament into another language is an amazing accomplishment, one only possible through the prayers of countless people. It can take many years, even decades to finish. The rewards are eternal as people receive God’s Word in their own language and the dedication is filled with celebration and joy!

Menya man holding God’s Word in his language

Despite great celebration, there is still much work to be done. At a recent New Testament dedication, James heard one of the Papua New Guinean Bible translators asking whole-heartedly for help in translating the Old Testament too. Another translator once said, “You gave us half of the pig. We want the whole pig!” In other words, we want the whole Bible!

More and more Papua New Guinean translators are getting involved in translating the Old Testament into their own language. Last month, five language groups held their first Old Testament Cluster Project Workshop: working together to translate the books of the Old Testament into their own language. James provided important software support for these teams during their workshop.

Old Testament Cluster Project Teams (image courtesy of K. Sadeharju)

Translation Workshops

Translation workshops provide language teams with a combination of many things.

Learning and translating as a team:

Iyo team translating (image courtesy of K. Sadeharju)

Worship and sharing songs from their languages:

Iyo and Waskia teams singing (image courtesy of J. Pugh)

Translation and checking (hard work!):

Borong woman working on translation (image courtesy of J. Pugh)

Solving computer issues:

James working on a translator’s computer (image courtesy of J. Pugh)

Fun skits that teach a lesson:

James teaching how to share translation work (image courtesy of J. Pugh)

Thank you for partnering with us as we continue to support translation teams in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Prayer and Praise

  • Praise: We have settled well into our new house. It is a tremendous blessing for our family!
  • Prayer: James is revising a course book for a course that he is teaching in August.
  • Praise: The kids successfully finished another year of school and are enjoying school break.

Your prayers and support make it possible for us to serve in PNG. THANK YOU!

James and Christina

3 thoughts on “Postings: Old Testament Translation

  1. Scott LaPierre

    James and Christina,
    This is wonderful. So thankful for you guys and the work you’re doing for our Lord.

    What a blessing to be able to follow along with your journey.

    We’re praying for you as a church and as a family (the LaPierres).

    In Christ,
    Pastor Scott

  2. Aidan Reardon

    Hello James and Christina, my name is Aidan Reardon. I’m a fellow member of Woodland Christian Church, I have been reading your posts. I’m glad to hear your family is settled in and doing well in their new home, and I just wanted to say I am praying for you.  Sincerely, Aidan Reardon

  3. Linda

    Happy to see what is going on in your life. Praying every morning for your service to the Lord, your marriage, your family and all the kids. Enjoy how much you love Him.


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