Postings: Introducing Zacc Oraro, Baby, and Furlough Plans

A Co-Worker and Brother in Christ

For a number of months, we’ve asked you to pray for God to provide a co-worker in the Language Software office. Specifically, that Zacc Oraro would be able to join me (James).

Bible translator, Zacc, and James

God has answered our prayers! Zacc is going to officially be a part of the Language Software team! THANK YOU for praying.

I first met Zacc a number of years ago when he started working with our organization here in Papua New Guinea (PNG). He did computer support for a number of years, and during that time we became good friends. We share a sense of humor and a passion for serving Bible translators in PNG.

Our friendship was greatly deepened when Zacc lost his wife due to complications in childbirth. I had the opportunity to mourn with him in Port Moresby (the capital city of PNG). When we saw each other, Zacc burst into tears and enveloped me in a big bear hug. Through the tears he asked, “Why did you come so far?!?!” My answer was simple, “Because I love you!” We spent the next few days together, mourning the loss of Zacc’s wife, making funeral preparations, and visiting the newly born baby who was struggling for life in the NICU. After a few days, Zacc’s baby also passed away. This was especially hard to watch, but I was very grateful that we could be together during that time. Through this trial, Zacc went from a good friend to my best Papua New Guinean friend. God is good. He also wanted to personally testify to God’s goodness in taking him from a place to despair and mourning after losing his wife and baby to hope in Christ and being able to serve others again.

Over the years, Zacc has helped teach a number of computer courses to Papua New Guineans. He has a knack for teaching them with grace and patience and I’m excited that he will now be more directly involved in supporting Bible translators in the office.

“He is a dear brother, a faithful minister and fellow servant in the Lord.”
Col 4:7b (NIV)

Paratext 1 Course (Zacc in the upper-right)

Zacc has also grown close to our family, and loves it when the kids call him “Papa Zacc.” He and his daughter Aimee celebrated Mikayla and Laurel’s birthdays with us this year.

Mikayla and Laurel’s birthday celebration

His heart to serve the Lord and to love life while doing it is so evident. He is a blessing to our family, and to the Bible translators he supports.

Papa Zacc praying for Mikayla and Laurel

My parents were very happy to meet Zacc during their visit. He was full of heartfelt gratitude for their prayers when he lost his wife and baby.

James, Zacc, Douglas and Rachel Post

I look forward to working more closely with Zacc, and watching the Lord continue to work in and through him.

Baby and Furlough Plans

We are returning to the Woodland, WA area on June 13th for baby leave and furlough. Christina is due on September 2nd and our furlough will continue until June 2020. We have plans to make a road trip to Michigan (and other states) and hope to see many of you!

God has already been working to prepare the way for our time in the US! We ask for your continued prayers that he would provide for our furlough (see below for prayers and praises).

Prayer and Praise

  • Praise: God has provided renters for our house in Ukarumpa (our support center in PNG).
  • Praise: God provided a well maintained van for our furlough!
  • Prayer: For an affordable house to rent in the Woodland, WA area.
  • Prayer: For our Ukarumpa vehicle to be fixed soon.
  • Prayer: For the use of a second, smaller vehicle for our furlough.
  • Prayer: For a good pregnancy and for Christina’s nausea and sleep.
  • Prayer: For the stress of preparing for furlough (packing, saying goodbyes, etc).
  • Prayer: For our family to transition well to life in the US.

If you have any leads on housing or a smaller vehicle, please let us know.

Grateful for you,

James and Christina

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