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Post Family at The Patch
James & Christina Post, Mikayla, Laurel, Timothy, Nathaniel, Julia, Adalynn, & Kaylianna!

You have turned my mourning into joyful dancing.
You have taken away my clothes of mourning and clothed me with joy
~ Psalm 30:11 ~

God’s Word with Us!

For millions of people around the world, this was the year they could turn their mourning into joyful dancing! This was the year that the Lord gave them a deep-seated joy, replacing age-old sorrow with peace and hope that could only come from Emmanuel (God with us)! Why?! Because more than 10 million people received God’s Word in their language THIS year alone!

Omi man with NT
Man with Omi New Testament

God’s Word is life-changing! Through the Holy Spirit, God brings His Word to life in ways that heal broken hearts, and can transform generations of heartache, shame, and violence into living at peace with themselves and their enemies. God’s Word brings abundant life!

They will rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the places long devastated; they will renew the ruined cities that have been devastated for generations.
~ Isaiah 61:4 ~

Since January, 55 different language groups now have access to God’s Word. This came in the form of full Bibles, New Testaments, and Scripture portions (e.g., the Gospels).

2023 10 Stats 1

This is worth celebrating! And that’s just what happened! From Papua New Guinea to Tanzania, from Paraguay to Burkina Faso, these people danced, sang, and celebrated the arrival of God’s Word in a language that speaks to their hearts.

Ikoma Dancing 1
Ikoma people dancing to welcome the New Testament

The decorations that people create to honor the arrival of God’s Word are also beautiful and distinctly representative of the people and their culture!

Cheke Holo Bible 800p
Cheke Holo Bible Decoration

God’s Word is for everybody! Young, old, male, female, servants, and kings!

Isnag Boy with Bible
Isnag Boy with Bible

What a perfect time to be baptized too! Publicly declaring your faith in Jesus while celebrating God’s Word in your own language.

Isnag Baptism
Isnag woman being baptized during the dedication!

A Long Wait!

Some people have waited practically their whole lives for this moment. The Isnag language group first received the New Testament in Isnag in 1982. This year, they finally celebrated the completion of the entire Bible in the Isnag language! 🙌

Join with the Isnag people in this video, as they dedicate the full Isnag Bible.

Celebrating the arrival of God’s Word is certainly a joyful thing!

Introducing Kaylianna Mae! 🥰

We celebrated our own arrival here in the Post family! Kaylianna Mae (pronounced Kay-lee-ah-na) was born on Sept 28th (her due date)!

Kaylianna Birth Announcement

She’s made her way into our family, and our hearts, with lots of snuggles, cute sleeping pictures, and adorable baby noises. 😘

More baby photos below. 😊

Prayer and Praise 🙏🙌

  • Praise: So many people received God’s Word in their language this year.
  • Prayer: For the ~1250 remaining people groups who have yet to receive God’s Word.
  • Prayer: God’s provision for additional financial partners.
  • Praise: Improved health for James and Christina.
  • Praise: Kaylianna is a healthy, happy baby.

Your prayers and financial partnership help make it possible for so many people to receive God’s Word. THANK YOU!!

In Him,

James and Christina

Kaylianna (and Family) Photo Highlights

Lots of baby love! 😍👶

2023 11 Photo Collage

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