Postings: Baby Post, Christmas Travels, and PNG News

Dear Friends and Family,

Just in time for Christmas, here is our latest update. We bring news of Baby Post, our plans for the Christmas holiday, and an exciting opportunity for James in Papua New Guinea (PNG).


Introducing Baby Post #4: Nathaniel James. He’s here and already 2 months old!!

Born October 15, 2015, weighing in at 7 lbs 10 oz, and measuring 21″ long, our little bundle of joy is healthy and happy. And in case you didn’t know how cute he is, take a look at this:

Nathaniel James

Nathaniel James

We are so grateful for Nathaniel, and so are his sisters and brother!  You can see pictures of them with him below.

We also have some exciting news from PNG: I (James) have been asked to write a Consultant level training course for Papua New Guinean Bible translators.

Paratext Course

Another Paratext Course is coming!

The first 3 courses that we already offer are quite popular and now the translators are asking for this 4th course to be developed.  I spent a lot of time and energy pouring myself into developing these courses so it is encouraging to have them be so well attended and sought after.  Praise God!

In other PNG news, we are hoping to travel back to PNG in April, 2016.  This is largely based on when we can get all of the paperwork done.  We have started this process, but definitely have a ways to go before everything is finished.

AND… we’re on our way to Michigan for Christmas.  We leave WA state this coming Monday, December 21 and will return on January 6.  We are looking forward to spending the holidays with our family there, and showing off Nathaniel (who has chunked up to a healthy 13 pounds already!).

Here are some things to pray for:

  • Paperwork processing and all that is involved.
  • Travel to/from Michigan.
  • Finding normalcy and routine during our travels and speaking engagements.
  • Praise: God gave us grace with the airlines and we were able to change the dates for our tickets from Michigan to Washington with NO fees!!  You can read more here: Christmas Plane Tickets.

Whether you pray for us, give financially, or encourage us along the way: thank you for being a part of our ministry.

Merry Christmas!

James and Christina

P.S. Pictures of cuteness are below:

Mikayla and Nathaniel

Mikayla and Nathaniel

Laurel and Nathaniel

Laurel and Nathaniel

Timothy and Nathaniel

Timothy and Nathaniel

Merry Christmas from the Posts

Merry Christmas from the Posts


One thought on “Postings: Baby Post, Christmas Travels, and PNG News

  1. Laurie Staggs

    Dear Dear James, Christains, Mikayla, Laurel, Timothy, and Nathaniel ,
    Thank you so much for the “Posting”. I LOVE the pictures!
    Praise God for the tickets!
    I pray for you every day. God has been good to me, for which I am thankful.
    Love and blessings,
    Laurie Staggs
    Salem, OR


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