Quick Prayer/Praise Update

We wanted to send out a quick update asking for prayer and sharing some praises.  These last few weeks have been very busy with packing and preparing to move our family overseas.  In the next few weeks, we will finish up packing, say many tearful goodbyes, and begin our multi-leg journey to Papua New Guinea.  Thank you for lifting us up before God: we will be carried on your prayers as we run on a mixture of exhaustion, excitement, sadness, and adrenaline.

-Prayer: For daily time with God.
-Praise: We have begun an exercise program, please pray that we could continue even with all the busyness.
-Praise: James’ tics have improved greatly and are pretty much back to normal.
-Prayer: For all the stresses of moving and packing (we move out of our apartment tomorrow, July 30th)
-Prayer: Our visas are in our hands!
-Prayer: For our flights: pray that we would all sleep on the red-eye flight and that we will adjust to the time zone and climate quickly and easily.
-Praise: The shipment of our crate has been donated!!
-Praise: Many people have helped us with meals, babysitting, and packing.  We could not have done this without their help.
-Prayer: For us all, but especially Mikayla, to adjust to the new foods of Papua New Guinea and for us to know how to help her adjust.
-Praise: James’ whole family is coming to Washington to say goodbye!
-Prayer: Our 14-week orientation course is low-staffed with the possibility of being cancelled.  Please pray for staff.

We will be leaving Portland International Airport at 1:24 pm on August 7th on United Airlines flight 503.  We plan to arrive at the airport about 10:30 am and would love to see many of you there before we go.

Here’s our itinerary if you would like to pray specifically while we’re en route.
Portland to San Francisco (departing at 1:24 pm)
San Francisco to Los Angeles (departing at 4:50 pm)
Los Angeles to Auckland, New Zealand (departing at 9:30 pm)
Auckland to Cairns, Australia (departing at 6:50 am)

From Cairns, Australia, we will continue to Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea and then on to Madang, PNG where we will begin our 14 week orientation.

With expectation,

James and Christina

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