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Postings: A Christmas Time Update

These last few months have literally turned our world upside down, but we have seen God’s faithfulness through it all. THANK YOU for your prayers and support to make this transition easier. They have carried us through this difficult time.

Our latest newsletter is below, with info about our ministry, our future plans with Wycliffe, and ways to partner with us.
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An Update: Home in Washington

We have had an amazing amount of prayer and support during this time.  THANK YOU!!

We arrived in Portland, Oregon yesterday (Friday) just after midnight.

Below is a note from our Wycliffe supervisor and then some practical details and prayer/praise points from us.  We trust that it will clarify some of the questions that you may have had regarding our last email.

As those of you receiving this know from a recent email communication from James and Christina, they recently experienced a traumatic situation in their family. In almost all situations such as this, Wycliffe requires our members to temporarily leave the country in which the crisis occurred and return to the US in order to seek counseling, and the care and support that they need. We value our members and their families and as such, we want to ensure they have adequate care and time to heal and are then able to return to their field of service and thrive in their ministry. James and Christina’s intention is to return to Papua New Guinea at the end of this period at home.

The Posts are arriving home in the very beginning stages of processing this emotionally, having left the field in a matter of days and jet-lagged from the long travel with the children. They welcome having people reach out to them to offer encouragement and support, and to let them know they’re being prayed for. There are also a number of practical ways in which people can help if they so desire. While we know this raises questions in your minds, because this is of a personal nature we request that the Post’s privacy be respected. They will share as little or as much as they are comfortable with over time.

Thank you for your love and concern for the Post family, and thank you for partnering with them in the ministry of Bible translation.

Anne Sims
Wycliffe USA HR Staff Relations – Waxhaw, NC

As well, we wanted to let you know some of the ways that you can help us during our transition and time in the U.S.


  • We need a place for our family to stay in during the month of October (we’re covered from November on) and a vehicle that will be large enough for our family of five.
  • Because we’re only here temporarily, our children will need winter clothing and we’d love to have some toys for them to play with.  Mikayla is 4, Laurel is 3, and Timothy is 21 months old.

If you would like to help or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and ask.


  • Please pray that we can plug in with a church family soon.
  • Please be praying for God’s healing touch on everyone in our family. Pray for God’s protection over us during this time.
  • Pray that God would raise up just the right counselor for our family.
  • Praise God for providing lodging in Brisbane and Honolulu on our way home to Washington.
  • We have received many donations that have helped cover our trip back home.  Praise God and THANK YOU to those who gave.
  • We had amazing support and care from people in Ukarumpa as we left.  Here’s a picture from the prayer night that a friend organized for us: our house was PACKED!

Prayer Meeting

Financial Needs

  • We are under supported by about $700 per month.  Please consider joining our partnership team: living in the U.S. has expenses that we don’t have in PNG (e.g., rent, way more gas for driving) and we need to be at 100% before we can go back to PNG.
  • If you would like to join our partnership team (or give a one-time gift):
    • Please go to www.ThePostsInPNG.com/partner
    • Send a check with a note saying, “Preference for the ministry of James and Christina Post 240439” along with the amount that you would like to give:
      Wycliffe Bible Translators
      c/o Receipts Dept
      PO Box 628200
      Orlando, Florida 32862