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Postings: Meet Ainde, Training, and Encouraging

Postings: Meet Ainde, Training, and Encouraging

We’ve included our latest newsletter below.  In it we introduce Ainde Wainzo, a Papua New Guinean Bible Translator and wonderful man of God.  We also think you’ll be pleased to see that Christina has begun designing our newsletters again!

Did you know we have a Facebook page now?!?!  See our newsletter for the link.

In Christ,

James and Christina

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Posts from PNG: It’s Coming!! It’s FINALLY Coming!!

After months and months of waiting, hoping, praying, researching, and wondering, it’s FINALLY COMING!!  We found out today that it’s actually coming!

What, you ask?  Our new oven!  When we wrote back in May (you can that newsletter here) that our oven had sprung a BIG gas leak… and that we didn’t have enough money to buy a new oven, we never expected it would be such a long and complicated process to get a new one.  (BTW: when we say “oven”, we mean a stove and oven combined).

Leaking Oven

Leaking Oven

We were planning on getting our oven from Australia because the last time we had checked the main store here, the only ovens we saw were VERY small and VERY expensive… needless to say, we weren’t interested.

So, we let you know about our need and God provided wonderfully!  We now had enough money and were very grateful.  But which oven to get?  Doing research online to buy a big kitchen appliance from another country turned out to be VERY challenging.  To top it off, we had learned about a “special feature” which would shut off the gas when a flame went out accidentally.  That’s a nice safety feature, but the only problem is that sometimes it also shuts off the gas when the power goes out.  With power fluctuating like it does here (sometimes it will turn on and off multiple times per day), we had to be sure to not get one that did that.

We finally thought we found a good model, but despite it being the right width, it was a lot smaller than we expected inside (one of the side-effects of researching online).  Our favorite pan would look about like this inside of it.

Small Oven

Small Oven

Then, by the grace of God, I learned that a friend here had just ordered an oven IN COUNTRY.  That meant he didn’t have to ship it from Australia to PNG, which is very expensive, AND he didn’t have to pay customs, which could easily be anywhere between 25-50% of the actual retail price (or more!).  It was even the right width to fit the space in our kitchen!

I went to look at it and it was as if angelic music was playing.  It was beautiful and was exactly what we were looking for!  So, I asked our shipping department to order one for us.

They emailed back saying they checked the stores and there were none in stock, but that some were on order.  I figured that meant it might possibly arrive in 6-12 months.  :-p

Then, a few hours later, they emailed again to say that one of the stores had checked and actually had one in stock!  So, it’s ordered and will be here soon!

Thank you to all of you who have prayed for us to get the right oven, and a big, special thank you to those who gave financially to make it happen.  We are so grateful that it’s COMING, it’s FINALLY COMING!!