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For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.” ~ Hebrews 4:12 ~

Onobasulu New Testament Milestone!

The Bible translation process can be a long and challenging road. Much prayer, hard work, and reliance upon the Lord is required to translate God’s Word. Then there are numerous checks to make sure it communicates accurately to their people. This road is also marked with encouraging milestones and God-moments.

One such moment just recently came for the Onobasulu translation team as they FINISHED the “advisor check” of their New Testament. This means the full New Testament has been translated and reviewed by a qualified advisor. That’s worth celebrating!

While we were in Papua New Guinea (PNG) James worked with a number of the people involved in the Onobasulu translation. Seeing the Onobasulu interacting with God’s Word warms our hearts!

Boy Reading Translation
Boy reading Onobasulu scripture
Man reading
Man reading God’s Word in Onobasulu
Translation team
Onobasulu translation team

What Would You Do Without God’s Word??

The Word of God is invaluable, powerful, and sharper than any double-edged sword. It cuts us to the heart, speaks life to our weary bones, tells us of the love and compassion that Jesus has for His people, and provides crucial instruction for our lives.

Watch this powerful video of an evangelist who was imprisoned, without access to God’s Word, for years!

Video Thumbnail

What would you do if you did NOT have a copy of God’s Word?

Our Financial Need

God is good! He has provided additional financial partners, as well as increasing the giving from other financial partners. We are grateful.

While we are still quite far below 100% of our Wycliffe ministry budget, we continue to trust that God will provide. Please continue to pray with us for the financial provision we need.

Prayer & Praise

  • Major praise! God healed James of Tourette’s! We are in awe!
  • Praise: Significant improvement in Christina’s health over the past 6 months.
  • Praise: Mikayla, Laurel, and Timothy got baptized!
  • Prayer: For affordable flights to Michigan for Christmas!
  • Prayer: For James and Christina as we attend two conferences next week in North Carolina and Georgia, and for our kids as they stay in Washington state with family.
  • Prayer: For continued and increased financial provision for our Wycliffe ministry.

Thank you for the ways you have partnered and prayed with us to see God’s Word made known throughout the nations.

In Him,

James and Christina

Family Photo Highlights

Below are some recent photo highlights from our family. ? Click the collage to see more.

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