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Postings: Adalynn Rose, God’s Heart for All People, and Furlough Happenings

Declare His glory among the nations, His marvelous works among all the peoples! (Psalm 96:3)

Introducing Adalynn Rose Post

Adalynn Rose Post (pronounced “Add-uh-Lynn”) was born on Sept 1, 2019). She is a precious and sweet addition to our family. She enjoys smiling, laughing, and cooing and the kids love to help out and spend time with her. We are very grateful for a happy, healthy baby.

Adalynn Rose
Post Kiddos

God’s Heart for All People

There is a fantastic course called “Perspectives on the World Christian Movement” that Christina and I have both taken. It opened our eyes to how God is moving throughout the world, and that he is inviting all of us to be more involved in sharing the Gospel with whoever he brings into our lives. This could be through local outreach, prayer, giving, going overseas, or any combination of those things. There are so many ways that we can be involved in doing God’s work!

We are excited to have the opportunity to be involved in a local Perspectives course, starting in January! We will be attending weekly sessions, building relationships with and praying for the instructors and participants, and sharing about Wycliffe’s role in Bible translation.

Want to learn more about Perspectives? Check out the video below and find a Perspectives Course near you!

Video: What is God’s Heart for All People?

Furlough Happenings

We have also been keeping busy with adjusting to a new baby, homeschooling, sharing about our Wycliffe ministry, and even helping remotely with technical issues in PNG! It’s been great to visit family here and in Michigan.

Farnell Family Reunion
The Post Family

We are looking forward to sharing more about our Wycliffe ministry during the rest of our furlough. We’d love to get together with you, your church, or your small group! Please let us know if you’re interested.

Prayer and Praise

Without your prayers, we would not be able to do the ministry that God has called us to. Thank you for praying!

  • Prayer: That God would use the Perspectives Course to bring glory to his name, draw people to himself, and ignite in them a passion to be more involved in fulfilling the Great Commission.
  • Prayer: For a healthy, restful furlough.
  • Prayer: Affordable plane tickets to Michigan.
  • Praise: Our family is adjusting well to a new baby.
  • Praise: Homeschooling is going well.

Grateful for you,

James and Christina

Post Family

Postings: Transitions, Reconnecting, and Blessings

“If I ride the wings of the morning, if I dwell by the farthest oceans, even there your hand will guide me, and your strength will support me.” Psalm 139:9-10

We came back to the US in June for baby leave and furlough. Christina’s pregnancy is going well and we are looking forward to meeting our little one in the next few weeks (Christina is due on Sept 2nd in PNG, Sept 1st in the US).

A Time of Transitions

Many people ask, “what do you do on furlough?” It’s a good question, and one that we can answer in many ways depending on the day. As missionaries, we go through a lot of transition. A. Lot. That’s a lot of packing, a lot of moving, a lot of flying, a lot of tearful goodbyes, a lot of warm hellos, and a lot of timezones. We have packed or unpacked our suitcases almost 30 times since just before we left PNG. We’ve been in PNG, Australia, Hawaii, Washington State, Oregon, Canada, Michigan, and slept in over 10 different places. We’re a bit tired, but God has been with us through it all.

Home safe (with all our luggage)!

Somebody recently commented how well our kids did on a plane. I said “they’re professional travelers”. :-) Despite being so good at traveling, the transitions do take their toll on us, our marriage, our kids, and our family. In the midst of all of these transitions, we try to stay spiritually, emotionally, and physically healthy as individuals and a family. We try to cherish moments like yesterday morning, where our whole family just played outside and sat on the front steps talking. Or enjoying a sunset together. Even though they may be brief moments, they are special.

Enjoying a sunset in Hawaii
Time together is precious

Reconnecting with Friends and Family

Living and working overseas has taught us the value of our connections all over the world. Our kids have lots of Aunts and Uncles, Grandpas and Grandmas, friends and cousins. Some are in PNG, some are in the US, and others are scattered throughout the world. They all are an important part of the support network that God has given us. One of the main reasons for furlough is to reconnect with friends, family, and churches in the US. We’ve been able to reconnect with many people in our time so far in the US, and look forward to many more warm hellos.

A God of Many Blessings

God has given us many blessings during our stay in the US so far. Here are a few highlights:

  • An enjoyable time at a family reunion in Washington State.
  • Visits with missionary friends from Malaysia, the Middle East, and Colorado.
  • A chance to visit family in Michigan and go to a family reunion there. The last one we went to was in 2015 before Nathaniel was born! For some family, this was their first time meeting Nathaniel and Julia.
  • Water spilled on Christina’s computer, but insurance is covering the purchase of a new one!
  • The house we are renting (in Woodland, WA) is within walking distance to our church, and very close to several family members. And friends/family helped move in our things before we arrived!
  • Victory over intense spiritual attack while in Michigan through the prayers of family. “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” (James 5:16b)
  • Very affordable plane tickets to Michigan, and a generous gift to cover them.
  • An affordable and reliable vehicle that will fit our whole family (including baby).

Prayer and Praise

Your prayers for our family and our Wycliffe ministry are crucial, wherever we are in the world. Thank you for lifting us up in prayer!

  • Prayer: For Christina, the baby, and the upcoming delivery.
  • Praise: For safety as we have traveled and transitioned across the world and across North America.
  • Prayer: For emotional, spiritual, and physical health during our furlough.

In Him,

James and Christina

Postings: Introducing Zacc Oraro, Baby, and Furlough Plans

A Co-Worker and Brother in Christ

For a number of months, we’ve asked you to pray for God to provide a co-worker in the Language Software office. Specifically, that Zacc Oraro would be able to join me (James).

Bible translator, Zacc, and James

God has answered our prayers! Zacc is going to officially be a part of the Language Software team! THANK YOU for praying.

I first met Zacc a number of years ago when he started working with our organization here in Papua New Guinea (PNG). He did computer support for a number of years, and during that time we became good friends. We share a sense of humor and a passion for serving Bible translators in PNG.

Our friendship was greatly deepened when Zacc lost his wife due to complications in childbirth. I had the opportunity to mourn with him in Port Moresby (the capital city of PNG). When we saw each other, Zacc burst into tears and enveloped me in a big bear hug. Through the tears he asked, “Why did you come so far?!?!” My answer was simple, “Because I love you!” We spent the next few days together, mourning the loss of Zacc’s wife, making funeral preparations, and visiting the newly born baby who was struggling for life in the NICU. After a few days, Zacc’s baby also passed away. This was especially hard to watch, but I was very grateful that we could be together during that time. Through this trial, Zacc went from a good friend to my best Papua New Guinean friend. God is good. He also wanted to personally testify to God’s goodness in taking him from a place to despair and mourning after losing his wife and baby to hope in Christ and being able to serve others again.

Over the years, Zacc has helped teach a number of computer courses to Papua New Guineans. He has a knack for teaching them with grace and patience and I’m excited that he will now be more directly involved in supporting Bible translators in the office.

“He is a dear brother, a faithful minister and fellow servant in the Lord.”
Col 4:7b (NIV)

Paratext 1 Course (Zacc in the upper-right)

Zacc has also grown close to our family, and loves it when the kids call him “Papa Zacc.” He and his daughter Aimee celebrated Mikayla and Laurel’s birthdays with us this year.

Mikayla and Laurel’s birthday celebration

His heart to serve the Lord and to love life while doing it is so evident. He is a blessing to our family, and to the Bible translators he supports.

Papa Zacc praying for Mikayla and Laurel

My parents were very happy to meet Zacc during their visit. He was full of heartfelt gratitude for their prayers when he lost his wife and baby.

James, Zacc, Douglas and Rachel Post

I look forward to working more closely with Zacc, and watching the Lord continue to work in and through him.

Baby and Furlough Plans

We are returning to the Woodland, WA area on June 13th for baby leave and furlough. Christina is due on September 2nd and our furlough will continue until June 2020. We have plans to make a road trip to Michigan (and other states) and hope to see many of you!

God has already been working to prepare the way for our time in the US! We ask for your continued prayers that he would provide for our furlough (see below for prayers and praises).

Prayer and Praise

  • Praise: God has provided renters for our house in Ukarumpa (our support center in PNG).
  • Praise: God provided a well maintained van for our furlough!
  • Prayer: For an affordable house to rent in the Woodland, WA area.
  • Prayer: For our Ukarumpa vehicle to be fixed soon.
  • Prayer: For the use of a second, smaller vehicle for our furlough.
  • Prayer: For a good pregnancy and for Christina’s nausea and sleep.
  • Prayer: For the stress of preparing for furlough (packing, saying goodbyes, etc).
  • Prayer: For our family to transition well to life in the US.

If you have any leads on housing or a smaller vehicle, please let us know.

Grateful for you,

James and Christina

Postings: 2018 Scripture Celebration

“So is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.”
Isaiah 55:11 (NIV)

Our Favorite Sunday of the Year

Each November, we celebrate the Scriptures that were published in Papua New Guinea (PNG) over the last year. It’s our favorite Sunday of the year!

In 2018, 29 different people groups in PNG received New Testaments or portions of Scripture in their own language, a language that speaks directly to their hearts!

A joyful celebration (photo courtesy S. Frey)

29 Languages Received Scripture

Below is a list of the languages that received newly translated Scriptures in 2018. You can see God’s handiwork even in the uniqueness of the language names:

Bauni Barupu
Bauni Pou
Bouni Sumo

Onnele Goiniri
Onnele Romei Barera
Onnele Wolwale
Uni Ramo

These Scriptures were published in a variety of formats:

*Scripture Portions: Books of the Bible like Esther, Matthew, or Ephesians, etc.

When God brought us to PNG, we had no idea what he would accomplish while we were here. It’s been an honor to have helped many of these languages during their translation process. To celebrate that these languages groups have Scripture… what a joy!

Scripture Celebration Video

Rejoice with us that God has provided these Scriptures to the people of Papua New Guinea! Here is a video about the event:

Scripture Celebration (video link)

Prayer and Praise

  • Praise: So many language groups received Scripture in 2018!
  • Prayer: For these language communities to be transformed by God’s Word.
  • Prayer: For additional people with technical and linguistic skills to help with the work in James’ office.
  • Prayer/Praise: Furlough starts in June, 2019! Please pray for all the things that need to happen between now and when we leave on furlough.

In Him,

James and Christina